Establishment of a participatory community fund

With: Lendlease and Bendigo Bank

The Sprout Ventures team created and established The Seedling Fund brand, which now operates in partnership with Bendigo Bank. The Seedling Fund is a community-led grant initiative for new Lendlease communities. It works via a process similar to crowd funding, whereby the community votes (online or physically) to distribute donated funds. The purpose of the Fund is to encourage participation and belonging, while supporting clubs and groups to form in the early stages of a new development. It’s all about providing more engaging opportunities for local residents to participate in local decision making.

So far the fund has distributed just over $23,000 to the Alkimos Beach community, with 1,778 community votes in the first two years, demonstrating a high rate of participation and engagement in the new community. The model is being replicated in two more communities across Australia this year.