Sprout Hub Alkimos Beach


Lendlease and LandCorp

Early delivery of social infrastructure and ground-up community development without long-term reliance on external funding.

The Sprout Hub concept centres around the development of a temporary community hub. Hubs are designed to stimulate social connection, local economic activity and place activation ahead of more permanent social infrastructure being built in the area.

The Alkimos Beach Sprout Hub, our pilot Sprout Hub, is a multi-use venue that combines a social enterprise café, coworking space, event space, digital community portal and community-led grassroots fund. 12 months into the project, the population had grown from just 16 to 630 residents, and in that time there were a total of 10,290 visits, equating to an average of 210 visits per week. 

The facility has become a hub for the wider area: 30% of visitors were residents of Alkimos Beach and 23% where in the process of building homes, while the remaining 47% came from the surrounding suburbs. 78% of survey respondents reported that Sprout provided them with more opportunity for social connection, and 57% had made a new friend at Sprout. 58% of the programs occurring in the space were community led, demonstrating a decreasing reliance on external facilitation support to run community activities. 

These numbers demonstrate that the Sprout Hub concept can really provide the tools to help new neighbours form a thriving local community.

The Pilot Project in Alkimos Beach WA, delivered in partnership with Lendlease and LandCorp, won the National Social Innovation Award at the 2015 Social Enterprise Awards.