Join the team: 

Sprout are a small family owned Bcorp based in Melbourne Victoria. We operate projects across Australia for a range of mostly corporate clients. 

We are committed to creating a self-managing team culture built on trust, responsibility and fun. As such we have done away with position titles and flipped traditional pyramid-hierarchy structures on their head. We have a central Support Team based in Melbourne that exist to grow the company and serve our on-the-ground Host Team.

We are a workplace suited to free thinking, reflective, pragmatic, relational and optimistic people. If you like structural hierarchy, routine, positional authority or 'climbing the ladder' then we aren't the place for you. Our work environment is flexi-time, flexi-location, self-directed and ever-changing. Our team members are trusted to make important decisions and be accountable for their actions. We only work with people who are open, honest, practical, reliable and driven by a deep desire to make the world a better place.       

We're currently looking for... 

Café Guru / All-rounder / Barista

This Guru will provide café operational support to allow the hub to deliver hospitality, in the truest sense of the word, to the growing community of Alkimos.


Support Team - Operations and Marketing

We are looking for a key player to join our Support Team. With a marketing and operations focus, this person will have a varied role working across all projects.